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I’m astounded by this comment…

Index ID: IABTC — Publication date: April 15th, 2024

Note: J.K. Rowling published this on Twitter. Original post:

.@KirstieMAllsopp I’m astounded by this comment. One of the gender ideologues’ favourite slogans is ‘no debate’. Opponents have been attacked, vilified, subject to discipline at work, had their lives overturned and lost their careers, all for the crime of wanting a debate.

Sonia Appleby, an experienced psychotherapist working at the now discredited Tavistock clinic, was monstered for raising concerns. A tribunal found that her professional reputation had been damaged and ‘prevented her from proper work on safeguarding’. []

Sue Evans, a nurse who also worked at the Tavistock and was extremely worried that children were being harmed, tried to raise the alarm. She took concerns to management but was ‘alienated’ and subsequently left for the sake of her own mental health. []

Dr David Bell, a distinguished psychiatrist who shared Evan’s and Appleby’s concerns, submitted a report detailing whistle-blowers’ claims, and the trust’s response was to attempt to open an investigation into him. []

James Esses, who was doing a Masters Degree in psychotherapy, was expelled from his course for speaking out about the impact of gender ideology on child safeguarding.[]

In Canada, Kenneth Zucker, former head of the Child Youth and Family Gender Identity Clinic, was fired for questioning whether automatic affirmation of children in their trans identities was the best treatment model. []

In the US, trans man Scott Newgent (@NotScottNewgent) has made it his life’s mission to raise the alarm about the dangers of transitioning children. He’s lost his career for speaking out.

Jo Phoenix, professor of criminology at the Open University, was harassed and bullied because of her opposition to gender identity ideology, severely impacting her career and health. []

Allison Bailey, the lesbian KC who dared challenge gender identity ideology’s impact on lesbians, was targeted by Stonewall, subject to horrendous abuse and effectively lost her career. []

Philosophy professor Kathleen Stock was hounded out of her position at the University of Sussex, shunned by colleagues and targeted by students, all for the crime of being critical of gender identity ideology. []

Detransitioners are subject to horrendous abuse from their ‘community’ online, because they speak out about the negative impact hormones and surgery have had on their lives. We’ve all watched them being jeered at, even told to kill themselves, after sharing their stories.

These individuals are the tip of the iceberg. I know, because I’ve received innumerable letters and emails from other people in medical and related professions who’ve been bullied and harassed for wanting a debate on gender identity ideology and the affirmation model.

People like you who now claim there’s never been any attempt to stifle debate are part of the reason this mess happened in the first place. If you want to remain in a state of blithe unconcern, fine, but don’t tell those in the trenches they’re making a fuss about nothing.

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