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For years now, women have been saying…

Index ID: FYWS — Publication date: March 3rd, 2024

Note: J.K. Rowling published this on Twitter. Original post:

For years now, women have been saying that self-ID will be exploited by predators and we’ve been told ‘no predator would bother to pretend to be a woman.’ Yet here we are – again.

This paedophile didn’t receive the leniency he hoped for because he claimed to be a woman, but plenty have, including Katie Dolotowski, who, in a very similar case, filmed a 12-year-old in a bathroom cubicle and attempted to rape a 10-year-old in a women’s bathroom, and served his sentence in a women’s prison.

The wilfully blind continue to insist that what is already happening couldn’t possibly happen. They wriggle like eels trying to find a loophole through which they can escape with their precious ideology intact. ‘He wasn’t really trans, though.’ ‘All groups have bad apples.’ ‘You can’t blame all trans people because some of them are rapists.’

So determined are you to cling to your absolutist slogans and your circular reasoning, you’re indifferent to the proven increased risk to women and girls. I watch you lying, equivocating and contorting yourself into knots trying to justify the unjustifiable, and I wonder when, if ever, shame will finally find you.

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