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Olivier Awards 2017 – Acceptance Speech

Index ID: OAAS — Publication date: April 9th, 2017

Note: Jack Thorne received the Best Play Award and read a letter by J.K. Rowling. You can watch the full video here:

I’ve never been sorrier not to be able to Apparate, because I’d give so much to be with the Cursed Child cast and creative team tonight.

My collaboration with Jack, John, Sonia, Colin and an extraordinary cast has been one of the most joyful and satisfying creative experiences in my life.

I knew they were all stupendously talented, but I never dreamed we’d create something quite so special together. And the reaction from audiences has been beyond all our wildest imaginations. And we’re all people with wild imaginations.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to The Olivier Awards. It means everything to have the industry recognized the team behind the play.

And to every wonderful person who works on Cursed Child, ignore that old doom monger, Dumbledore. Tonight is a shining moment with no drop of poison in it.

Enjoy and have an extra drink from me.

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